African American History
Photo Caption. The Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Sullivan Island, SC, July 23, 2016. Sullivan Island (near the port in Charleston, SC) was a "Main Entry Point" for an estimated 40% of Africans who survived the "Middle Passage," the month-long segments of the TransAtlantic Triangular (Enslavement) Trade's inhumane transport of men and women in overpacked hulls of ships from African countries to North America and South America to provide forced labor in British colonies.


In August 1619, a group of twenty or more Africans on board a trading ship were sold for supplies to the British colonists in Point- Comfort, VA, a British Colony in North America (NA). Their status as enslaved or indentured servants is still debated. However, this event is historically noted as the start of the TransAtlantic Triangular (Enslavement) Trade (TTET) in North America by the British and would lead into the United States of America's (USA) involvement upon its independence from Britain in 1776. In 2019, the 400 year milestone will occur for this significant period of racial oppression in human history.

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TransAtlantic Triangular (Enslavement) Trade (TTET)
"Middle Passage"

1619 Arrival of Africans in
British Colony of Virginia
Sullivan Island, SC
(Charleston Port)


The mission of TTTriumph400 is honoring African American history from 1619-2019.

This history tells the incredible story of a new people forming the intersection of humanity and making invaluable contributions to the development of this young nation and the modern world while simultaneously struggling to survive sustained racial oppression during the 400-year period.


TTTriumph400 emerged out of a 1994 vision to create a foundation to help foster social and economic restoration and healing for deeply rooted trauma stemming from the TransAtlantic Triangular (Enslavement) Trade (TTET).

Honoring 1619-2019